What is Furniture Lock and what is it used for?

Furniture locks are usually found on furniture as the name suggests. Your desk, cabinet, book shelf has furniture locks. There are two main types/styles of furniture locks namely push a button and bold style furniture locks. Bolt style locks feature a flat metal piece extending on the side of furniture locks for purposes of securing the device. These types of furniture locks are usually found on cabinets, desks and drawers although they can be used in many other devices.

Push button furniture locks feature a rod which comes out on the backside of the lock. When push button locks are unlocked, they pop out retracing the rod back into the lock’s body. The device is usually re-locked by pushing the lock into its shell. These types of furniture locks are common in sliding doors and filing cabinets. It is important to note that furniture locks can be fixed onto existing furniture which may not feature any type of locking mechanism.

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