What is an IC Lock and What is it used for?

Interchangeable core locks are popularly known as IC locks. These types of locks are common in commercial applications i.e. large businesses/institutions due to their easy re-keying ability by simply swapping out the lock core without dismantling the lock. IC locks come with two key types. The standard operator key unlocks and locks the IC lock like a normal key. The control key, on the other hand, pulls the entire lock core out without removing the screws. What is an IC Lock This feature is extremely useful when locks are being upgraded because the door hardware is left intact. IC Lock cores can be replaced within seconds allowing lock upgrades to be done in record time. Yale, Kwikset and Schalage Locks are the most popular IC lock brands in the market today. IC locks feature different lock formats. The most popular are; small format and large format interchangeable core i.e. SFIC and LFIC. It is worth noting that IC cylinders can’t be used in standard deadbolt locks among other locks meant to take IC cylinders.

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