What is a Lever Handle Lock?

Lever handle locks are usually used in commercial settings to make inner doors. They are preferred in such settings because they are easier to open compared to knob locks. Lever handle locks feature larger push-down style handles as opposed to small knobs which require a lot of effort to grasp and turn them. Lever handle locks are also popular in instances where handicap accessibility is crucial.

Lever handle locks also consider left/right-handedness. When purchasing the locks, it is important to assess the backset. It is also worth noting that the levers are easy targets for torque attacks where excessive pressure is applied to the Lever handle in an attempt to force the lock open. In such cases, clutch lever locks are ideal since they turn as opposed to applying pressure to the lock when force is applied on them. Level handle locks are usually installed most residential properties. Is is important to change your locks whenever you decide to sell your house, privately or through a realtor.

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