What is a Knob Lock?

These types of locks are common in residential applications on exterior doors. The locks may be used alongside deadbolt locks sometimes making them primary sources of security for exterior doors. It is important to note that knob locks shouldn’t be used alone to secure external doors. This is the case since they feature lock cylinders in the knob itself. Ideally, lock cylinders which are the main locking mechanism should be located in the door.

What is a Knob Lock

This makes knob locks an easy target for break-ins since all you need is a hammer to knock of the knob and gain access. Alternatively, a burglar can use pliers among other tools i.e. a wrench to bypass the lock cylinder. If you have knob locks on external doors, it is advisable to call professional locksmith services to replace them or add other locks i.e. padlocks or passage knobs because these types of locks offer better security on external doors.

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